Landline Phone Service
Landline phone service is traditional phone service that travels over phone lines and is wired directly to your home. It retains power even when your households' electricity goes out. You can count on that reliability.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Service Digital Subscriber Lines have been getting a lot of attention in recent years for their ability to easily carry high speed internet to residents' homes and also provide them with the phone service they crave. Speeds can easily be 14 times faster than conventional dial up services.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Service

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, is a relatively recent development in the telecommunications industry. It allows for the utilization of high speed internet service to transmit a telephone call. This obviates the need for telephone lines at all, and also means that we can provide the same services that you would receive with a phone line at cheaper rates.

Stand Alone Long Distance

Sometimes you don't want to change your telephone carrier or your residence is too far away for Winn Telecom to reach you. This doesn't mean we can't cut you a deal on your long distance, though! Our long distance is 3.5 cents per minute. No minimum amount of calls need be made.

Customer Service

(989) 779-9817

Technical Support

(888) 739-3096

Winn Telecom

Mt. Pleasant
402 N. Mission St.
Suite 1
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
(989) 779-9800

1684 S. Otsego Ave
Gaylord, MI 49735
(989) 748-9800

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