Winnspeed Gigabit Internet

Our Winnspeed product is fiber-to-the-business. With up to 1 Gigabit/second (1000 Megabit/second) speeds it is the fastest internet in Central and Northern Michigan. This product is currently available in Clare, Gaylord, and Mount Pleasant and the areas we service continue to expand!

Wireless Internet
Wireless internet is available in Beal City, Lake Isabella, Weidman, and Remus. It utilizes radio waves to transmit information and is significantly faster than dial up. This service can reach speeds up to 6 Megabits per second.

Digital Subscriber Line
Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, is an means of accessing the internet over phone lines. A traditional dial up service only utilizes a couple of the wires in your phone. DSL uses many times more and can reach speeds far greater than dial up. DSL can reach speeds 28 times faster than dial up or greater (20 Megabits Per Second)! An advantage of DSL is that our DSL products are also provided with telephone services as well! This means that you get internet and phone service in one convenient package!

Exede Satellite Internet
Exede Satellite Internet is internet provided from a satellite dish and is accessed by a dish that is erected on your property. It allows for speeds up to 12 Megabits per second and is available wherever a customer has a clear view of the southern sky.

A Broadband shared internet connection is a Fiber Optic Broadcast Multipoint Network shared between customers. Each Bandwidth Tier has the ability to burst to the maximum the network has available, which can be speeds near 1 Gigabit Per Second. Usage is monitored to ensure that no single customer is flooding the network and utilizing full network bandwidth excessively.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting is a service where Winn Telecom provides space on our servers to house a web page (or pages) and allow the customer to upload files via a web interface to and from their web site. Winn Telecom offers three levels of web hosting in seperate packages:

Web Hosting Packages
Value Select Pro
1 GigaByte Disk Storage 5 GigaByte Disk Storage 10 GigaByte Disk Storage
2 GigaByte Data Transfer 15 GigaByte Data Transfer 30 GigaByte Data Transfer
Unlimited Hits Unlimited Hits Unlimited Hits
Site Statistics Page-Included Site Statistics Page-Included Site Statistics Page-Included
10 POP Email Accounts 50 POP Email Accounts 100 POP Email Accounts
20 Email Forwarding 100 Email Forwarding 500 Email Forwarding
SSI, CGI, and PHP Support SSI, CGI, and PHP Support SSI, CGI, and PHP Support
10 Auto Responders 50 Auto Responders 100 Auto Responders
no databases 2 databases 5 databases

Customer Service

(989) 779-9817

Technical Support

(888) 739-3096

Winn Telecom

Mt. Pleasant
402 N. Mission St.
Suite 1
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
(989) 779-9800

1684 S. Otsego Ave
Gaylord, MI 49735
(989) 748-9800

Members of:

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